Best 10 Cheap Filing Cabinets You Should Purchase

Filing cabinets are a must-have for any office. They can be used to store documents and files that may not need to be accessed often, but which you don’t want cluttering up your desk either.

The “ikea file cabinet” is a popular filing cabinet that can be purchased for a low price. It offers good storage and is easy to use.

Are you searching for a low-cost file cabinet with plenty of storage capacity for your company’s documents?

Then this post on low-cost file cabinets is for you!

Affordable file cabinets are available in a broad selection of sizes, colors, construction, and storage capacity. In our buying guide, we focused on important elements to consider before making a purchase.

The Top 10 Low-Cost Filing Cabinets


3-Drawer File Cabinet by Devaise

Item of High Quality Devaise file cabinet might be a wonderful answer for your requirements if you’re seeking for the finest price-quality ratio. It comes in two different colors: white and black. This low-cost steel file cabinet is 23.6″ in height, 17″ in depth, and 11.8″ in breadth and fits under any normal office desk.

Steel Structures It has a strong steel structure that provides long-term durability. There are three drawers in all, two of which are tiny and intended for office supplies. Hanging bars for letter/legal-size files are included in the bottom drawer. Each of the three drawers may be locked. Devaise’s low-cost file cabinet also comes with wheels for mobility.

Points to Consider:

  • Two hues are offered.
  • fits beneath the desk in the office
  • structure made of steel
  • three spacious drawers
  • Hanging bars are included in the file drawer.
  • All of the drawers may be locked.


Modern File Cabinet with Direction

Direction of a Narrow File Cabinet Modern is a one-of-a-kind cabinet with a small profile that is ideal for small settings. It provides handy storage for your workplace supplies, personal items, papers, and documents. This inexpensive 2-drawer file cabinet comes in two colors and is 18.2″ in height, 9″ in width, and 22″ in depth.


Built-in Lock This inexpensive file cabinet’s heavy-duty steel structure and sleek white color will compliment any fashionable workplace design. The top drawer is ideal for office supplies, while the bottom drawer is ideal for letter and legal-size file folders. You may lock both drawers with a single key and keep your data safe.

Points to Consider:

  • narrow and tiny filing cabinet
  • Two hues are offered.
  • a contemporary white finish
  • For office materials, there’s a tiny top drawer.
  • The bottom drawer is for storing documents.
  • Both drawers are secured with a built-in lock.


Steel Filing Cabinet by Songmics

Slim Profile Songmics is a high-quality file cabinet that comes at a reasonable price and delivers excellent results. It has a thin design that doesn’t take up a lot of room. It is 11.8″ wide, 17.7″ deep, and 23.6″ tall and weighs 41 pounds (including casters). It’s completely constructed and ready to use right out of the box.


Drawers that can be locked This low-cost file cabinet with a lock is made of durable steel and is ideal for long-term usage. A detachable pencil tray is included in the top drawer for minor office supplies. Another little drawer holds paperwork and notes. Hanging file folders may be stored in the bottom drawer. A built-in lock keeps all three drawers safe at the same time.

Points to Consider:

  • slim file cabinet
  • it will fit beneath any desk
  • completely built when it arrives
  • structure made of steel
  • drawers in two boxes
  • Hanging file folders are kept in the file drawer.
  • a built-in lock that only requires one key


File Cabinet in Pemberly Row

Item that is light in weight Pemberly Row is 27.3 inches tall, 14.3 inches wide, and 18 inches deep. It is light, weighing just 25 pounds. It comes completely completed with the exception of the handles, which must be attached. This is a low-cost storage option for any home office or workplace. It contains two file drawers, unlike other white 3-drawer file cabinets.


Smooth Drawer Operation This file cabinet’s top drawer is relatively shallow, making it excellent storing office supplies. Two high-side drawers below it hold letter-size file folders that may be hung. All three drawers are suspended and move smoothly. Two top drawers are secured by a built-in lock; place your critical files there.

Points to Consider:

  • white file cabinet with a small footprint
  • completely built when it arrives
  • thing that is affordable
  • two file drawers and a box drawer
  • Letter-size files are kept in file drawers.
  • lock mechanism built-in


File Cabinet Scranton & CO.

Cabinet with a Tall Height Scranton & Company is a four-drawer tall/vertical file cabinet. It comes already constructed, so just unpack it and get started. This item is of high quality and was created in the United States rather than China. The Scranton file cabinet is 64 pounds and is 52 inches in height, 22 inches in depth, and 15 inches in width. A lifetime guarantee is provided by the manufacturer.


Drawers on the high side This 4-drawer vertical file cabinet has been tested and fulfills industry standards such as ANSI/BIFMA. For simple file identification, each drawer has attractive silver knobs and label holders. These drawers glide smoothly on ball bearing slides and are simple to open and shut. They are designed to suit letter-size hanging files.

Points to Consider:

  • steel structure that is long lasting
  • produced in the United States
  • a product that has been examined and found to be safe
  • A lifetime warranty is included.
  • four letter-size filing drawers on the upper side
  • Installed silver handles and label holders


3-Drawer Bonnlo File Cabinet

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) Construction Bonnlo is an ideal file cabinet for use in a home office. This low-cost file cabinet has a lock and is made of robust medium-density fiberboard with a melamine finish. It is scratch and water resistant. Because assembly is necessary, the package includes explicit instructions.


There are three locks. The swivel casters on this hardwood file cabinet allow for easy moving. Two of the front casters may be locked. There are three spacious drawers, each with its own locking mechanism. Two top drawers should be used for office supplies, while the bottom drawer should be used for files and paperwork.

Points to Consider:

  • Medium-density fiberboard (MDF)
  • surface that is resistant to water
  • It is necessary to assemble the item.
  • three spacious drawers
  • three locks built-in
  • casters with swivels for mobility


White File Cabinet of Extraordinary Quality

Anti-scratch Pads are a kind of anti-scratch pad that is used Intergreat is a low-cost lateral file cabinet with large drawers. It takes up more room than vertical filing cabinets. The white surface of this type makes it ideal for contemporary and attractive workplaces. Its dimensions are 35.4″ wide, 17.7″ deep, and 28.4″ tall. The floor is protected from scratches by plastic pads.


Construction Using Reinforcements The cold-rolled steel structure of the two-drawer file cabinet is strengthened with a steel frame. An electrostatic phosphorous-free epoxy spray coating is applied to the surface. It can handle a total weight of 220 pounds. Both drawers are great for storing documents. The filing cabinet is kept steady by the anti-tilt system.

Points to Consider:

  • cost-effective lateral file cabinet
  • appropriate for contemporary workplaces
  • plastic anti-scratch pads
  • Construction of cold-rolled steel
  • high-capacity capacity
  • anti-tilt system is a device that prevents a person from tilting


3-Drawer File Cabinet by Invie

Construction made of metal It’s a tiny office file cabinet that’s strong and long-lasting. Invie is made of heavy-duty metal and has a powder-coated finish. The Finish with electrostatic spraying provides corrosion resistance and durability. The product’s measurements are 23.7″ tall, 19.7″ deep, and 15″ wide. This low-cost metal filing cabinet comes in a black finish.


Three Compartments This tiny metal file cabinet features two utility drawers for pens, notebooks, pencils, scissors, post-it notes, and other office supplies. There’s also a file drawer with adjustable hanging bars for holding letter- and legal-size file folders. Easy movement is ensured by four durable casters.

Points to Consider:

  • metal structure that is strong and long-lasting
  • Black color is available.
  • electrostatic spraying finish
  • two box drawers for basic office supplies
  • file drawers for letter and legal size documents
  • comes with four sturdily constructed casters


Mobile File Cabinet for Space Saving

Charcoal Metallic Finish A vertical file cabinet in metallic charcoal tones is offered. It is intended for use in small offices. It is made of high-quality alloy steel that is both sturdy and long-lasting. The device is completely completed and measures 26.7″ in height, 14.2″ in width, and 18″ in depth. The surface that is not permeable is simple to clean.


Two 3/4 extension drawers in the Mobile Item Space Solution affordable office filing cabinet enable hanging letter-size file folders. Both drawers are secured at the same time by a built-in lock. This steel 2-drawer file cabinet comes with wheels, which you can mount to turn it into a mobile object.

Points to Consider:

  • Metallic charcoal color is available.
  • constructed from a strong alloy steel
  • non-porous surface
  • two drawers for letter-size files to be hung
  • a single key that will open both drawers
  • Wheels are included with the kit.


File Cabinet by Techni Mobili

The MDF Material Techni Mobili file cabinet is a small file cabinet that works well in both workplaces and home offices. It has a height of 24″, a width of 15.5″, and a depth of 17.5″. Grey and graphite are the two hues offered. Assembly is necessary, and the manufacturer offers a 5-year guarantee. Medium-density fiberboard is used to construct the structure.


Top Safety Glass The top shelf is made of 8mm thick tempered safety glass. It has a maximum weight capacity of 30 pounds. Two drawers underneath it hold other office supplies and file folders. Both drawers are protected by a built-in lock, which keeps your kept items safe. Easy movement is ensured by the five swivel casters.

Points to Consider:

  • Two hues are offered.
  • assembly is required
  • A 5-year warranty is included.
  • hardwood build that is both robust and strong
  • water- and scratch-resistant
  • appealing top glass

What You Should Know About Low-Cost Filing Cabinets

When purchasing new items, cost is always a consideration. These low-cost filing cabinets are affordable and provide plenty storage space for your business papers and supplies. There are a few rules to follow while looking for an excellent product.

File Cabinet Cost – Expecting a commercial-grade file cabinet for a modest cost is unrealistic. However, we discovered several excellent models and evaluated them in the preceding list. Cold-rolled steel file cabinets are available here, and they are incredibly robust and solid, making them ideal for any business. The majority of them are priced at approximately $100.

Vertical Or Lateral – There are many varieties of file cabinets to pick from, including vertical, lateral, transportable, and flat. Lateral file cabinets are horizontal, have broader drawers, and take up more space than vertical file cabinets. Vertical ones take up less floor area and have deeper drawers, making them suitable for tiny settings.

File Cabinet Mobility – If you want to be able to move your file cabinet around, look for versions that have wheels integrated. When the file cabinet comes at your location, you’ll usually have to connect the wheels, but it’s an easy operation. For added stability, we suggest purchasing a model with five casters.

Locking Mechanism — Many file cabinets now have built-in locking systems. As a result, low-cost file cabinets with locks are perfect for storing sensitive papers and personal items. A central lock for all drawers or smart locks with number keypads are available on certain versions.

Assembly Instructions — Because many file cabinets need assembly, the package includes tools, hardware, and installation instructions. If you don’t want to waste time with that, check for already completed file cabinets that are ready to use right away.

The Final Word

These low-cost file cabinets provide plenty of storage space and sturdy construction at a low cost. Choose the model that best suits your needs. If you’re looking for more affordable options, check out these two articles on structured file cabinets and plastic file cabinets. If you’re looking for the best file cabinets on the market right now, check out the linked article.

The “cheap file cabinets” are a great way to store your documents. They are also very affordable, which makes them an excellent option for anyone who is on a budget.

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