Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles Tier List

The Hinokami Chronicles is a game that has been around since the late 90’s. It was originally released on the Sega Saturn and then ported to PC, but it never got much traction. Recently, the game was remastered for modern consoles and mobile devices with an updated graphics engine.

When was demon slayer released is a question that has been asked many times. The game was released on July 18th, 2015.

Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles is the first PC game based on the popular Demon Slayer anime series. There are a lot of characters/heroes in the game, as you may have observed. Not “a lot,” but sufficient to enjoy the game. In this Demon Slayer Chronicles guide, I’ll offer my Tier List of the game’s greatest characters. I’ll also explain why they’ve been assigned to their respective levels and what each one signifies to them. You may also contribute your own version of the Demon Slayer Tier List. Let’s have a peek without further ado…

Hinokami Chronicles Demon Slayer Tier List of Best Characters | Photo taken in-game

Let me clarify what each rating tier implies in the context of this tutorial before we get started. This will assist you in comprehending why they are positioned as they are. This is just a personal viewpoint, and it may vary from yours. As a result, I strongly urge readers to use caution while reading the tier list instructions.

Explaining the Tiers of Ranking

The ranking is based on attack, defense, DPS, character design in comparison to the main series, and the character’s overall effect on your gameplay.

  • S-Tier: This tier is a great representation of the game’s best characters. These may be used both offensively and defensively. These characters have incredible moves that may cause havoc for their opponents. I strongly advise you to include them in your game.
  • A-Tier: Lacks certain performance advantages that both the SS-Tier and the A-Tier provide. You are free to choose any of them and play the game of your choice. You can also control them without any problems. These, however, have less effect on a novice than the SS and S Tier ones.
  • B-Tier: It’s important to note that B-Tier does not imply that they are the game’s worst characters. In my view, none of the character designs are problematic. The heroes/characters at B-Tier, in my opinion, have the least effect. Perhaps I’m accustomed to extremely showy moves and huge DPS, which they lack. Even a B-Tier may be SS in the hands of a competent player.

Hinokami Chronicles Demon Slayer Tier List

Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles tier list

Tier List Placements: An Explanation

Tanjiro (water)

Without a doubt, Water Tanjiro is a fantastic character. It’s a force to be reckoned with, especially with the water elemental moves and charged strikes. The developers, on the other hand, came up with Tanjiro Hinokami. Water Tanjiro would have been A or perhaps S-Tier if this had not been the case. The creators slacked with the aura and actual combat style for Water Tanjiro, which is why I placed him in B-Tier. You’d choose Hinokami Tanjiro over Water Tanjiro since it’s more practical. As a result, Water Tanjiro is assigned to the B-Tier.


The above factors have led me to Murata. There’s a lot of gauge charge potential with this guy. Murata looks a lot like Water Tanjiro. That’s because Murata may become very strong with the right assistance. Murata also possesses a good escape, thus he has a lower probability of being struck by a super move. Character design, on the other hand, could have utilized a little more flare and physicality, in my view. He’s a lot of fun to play, but he’s not my favorite, so I kept him at B-Tier.


Makomo, in my view, is an excellent main character. She has several amazing moves that have a big effect on your game’s overall success. One thing I’d point out is that her assists aren’t very strong to begin with. Other characters, in my view, have excellent assistance that may change the course of a fight. I’m not sure whether this is a glitch, but she misses some of her aided strikes, reducing total damage. Still, she’s a fantastic character and an A-Tier in my opinion.

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Inosuke exemplifies modest regular moves combined with high-damage combinations and charge techniques. This is probably the only reason I’d place him in the A-Tier rather than the S-Tier. In Demon Slayer Chronicles, speed is crucial for closing distances and dealing damage. If you utilize Inosuke as an assist, the opponent will be driven back a long way. This is owing to the strong combinations it makes. Aside from being slower than other characters, I think this is a fantastic choice!


When it comes to general abilities, Zenitsu is a formidable opponent. His movements are lightning fast and difficult to block. It’s a lot like what you’d see in the original anime and manga series. If you timing it right, you can even do a combination with this move. The Thunderclap and Flash from First Form is the maneuver I’m referring about. The maneuver that has become famous all over the globe. They didn’t do this justice, in my opinion. Thunderclap and flash’s initial strike is a shoulder hit rather than a blade slice. This is a huge disappointment for me. He’ll be in the A-Tier for me until the developers decide to fix it!


The only reason I placed her in A-Tier rather than S is because she sometimes fights with her claws. If the opponent wields a sword, the sword character is almost always victorious. I’m not referring to the entire fight, but rather the Claw vs. Sword idea. But make no mistake: owing to her extensive skill set, she is nearly S-Tier. I would have placed her in the Top tiers if they had included the famous Blood Demon Art: Exploding Blood more prominently. Her aerial assists are excellent for lengthy combos, while her close-range dashes and combos are also deadly. For me, it’s a Top A-Tier!


Shinobu is unquestionably the best character in the Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles. She has a variety of techniques that may help you win the game. She even possesses techniques that may both stun and aid the opponent while totally shutting down the attack. Her poison damage and combinations are what distinguish her as a top character. If you inflict the poison combination on opponents with low health, they will break apart, allowing you to salvage the fight.

One thing I’d want to point out is that her ultimate should have had the same poison effect as the combinations. I can see how this would have made her OP, but the final execution might have been better. This is, in my view, a bit of a letdown. Aside from that, this is a good character to choose. For me, it’s definitely A-Tier.


Sabito’s moves Third Form Flowing Dance Shadows of Dawn and Eighth Fall: Waterfall Basin are both very strong. As you will or may have seen, the initial move is very strong. The second move inflicts a lot of DPS damage. Sabito, in my view, is an excellent defender. This character shines when it comes to defense as the greatest attack. Even if you use a move just as you wake up, it still deals a lot of damage. Sabitos’ moves will deal significantly more damage if you combine them with Boost [L1]. For me, it’s a solid S-Tier.

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Urokodaki Sakonji

In terms of attack alone, he is very strong. Water Wheel, his second form, does tremendous damage to opponents. This may be used as a wake-up move as well as a closing move to narrow the gap between you and your opponent. This character has the potential to be spammed, so use him at your own risk. If you utilize the right assistance with Sakonji, you may make beating you a difficult job for your opponent. If you use Sakonji twice in a row, you’ll be able to shatter guards. For me, it’s an S-Tier!


In Demon Slayer Hinokami Chronicles, Giyuu is the epitome of strong defense. This manifests itself in the shape of his flawless counter. You’ll get the blue combo gauge up in no time if you can parry well. If this occurs, you may now combine for longer periods of time than with the yellow bar combinations. Giyuu is particularly good at countering opponents that prefer to hammer moves. If performed properly, the Level Three combinations may deal a lot of damage. Spammers and mashers alike will have a field day with it. For me, it’s a top-tier S.

Hinokami Tanjiro

Hinokami Tanjiro has a higher power level than Water Form Tanjiro. There is nothing the game developers can do about that since that is how it was intended. He possesses a technique that allows him to guard break his opponent at the cost of two-meter bars in an instant. Expect more Hinokami Tanjiro hits since this game will be mainly played online, with latency and net codes to contend with. If the developers decide to enhance the net codes, you may be able to come up with a countermeasure.

Hinokami Tanjiro provides you with some of the finest assists in the game. If you’re on the receiving end of the Three-Hit combination, you’ll lose a lot of HP. Apart from the character to play as the main in the game, I can see a lot of people choosing him as an aid. Definitely an S-tier!


Rengoku possesses one of the game’s quickest starting maneuvers. On its alone, this DP special hit may do a lot of damage. You can then perform incredible combinations from a great distance. Rengoku is the most balanced and well-rounded character in Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles, in my opinion. Flame Tiger, his fifth form, can inflict a lot of damage to opponents in a short amount of time. You can hammer out the moves with your own DP move if you’re in guard and the opponent is putting pressure on you.

Rengoku is a top-tier character in my view. This may be owing to the seriousness with which he portrays himself in anime and manga. And, of course, there’s the famous Mugen Train, which we all admire. I believe the developers considered these factors while creating Rengoku, which is why he is so balanced and powerful. For me, this is a high S-Tier.

Please keep in mind that this is just my perspective on the Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Hinokami Chronicles tier. This has nothing to do with the characters’ real levels of strength in the anime and/or manga series. The only parallel I’ve drawn is between the character designs and special moves. In the comments area below, please tell me about your favorite character or tier list.

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