Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 32 aims to tackle combat and power creep

Elder Scrolls Online’s Update 32 aims to tackle combat and power creep, but the game has also seen a significant number of bugs.

The eso graphics update 2021 is a new update for Elder Scrolls Online. The update aims to tackle combat and power creep, but it will also be adding new features such as the ability to queue up multiple abilities.

ZeniMax Online Studios is already planning on Elder Scrolls Online Update 32, which is expected to introduce significant combat adjustments to the game, including improved proc set balancing and hybridization.

“We implemented item proc set scaling in Update 30 to reduce the ease of access to ‘free’ damage and healing from them by ensuring you required a basic line of stats to make the set truly stand out,” the company writes in a forum post. “While this reduced the overwhelming success of tanky builds using damage-oriented sets, it also boosted the amount of damage done by glass cannon and other offensive-oriented builds by a fair margin.” As a result of this issue, the studio has implemented a “new rule set for offensive item setups with poor counterplay.”

“We’re also focusing on limiting some of the power creep that’s been creeping into the game recently, especially in PvE. Critical hits’ supremacy in ESO is nothing new, and despite a decrease in overall sources, we’re still seeing it win out by a large amount when compared to other metrics. We’ve opted to go ahead with a hard limit on Critical Damage and Healing rather than simply nerfing Critical Chance or Potency (Damage and Healing) and harming builds that aren’t actually accomplishing more than we anticipate. We hope that this not only maintains Critical Chance and Potency as viable and strong numbers, but also opens up new stat and build options. These will be essential to prioritize up to a point, similar to the Penetration metrics, and thereafter builders will want to seek out alternative sources of power.”

The blog also explains how proc sets will be scaled to enable them to crit, as well as the intention to give all item sets “hybrid” stats. The studio says, “This means sets that give Weapon Damage will now grant Weapon and Spell Damage, Spell Penetration will be Physical and Spell Penetration, and Spell Critical will be Weapon and Spell Critical.” “We believe that by making this change, we will be able to open up builds to new abilities and concepts, make the game more digestible and comprehensible for novice players, and give you more options when designing your ideal build.” Min-maxers will undoubtedly want to read the whole article.


The eso update 30 release date is the latest update for Elder Scrolls Online. It aims to tackle combat and power creep.

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