Gamigo investor report promises a ‘great update’ for RIFT in Q1, Atlas Rogues is abandoned

Gamigo has recently released an investor report, and it promises a ‘great update’ for its massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) RIFT in Q1, as well as Atlas Rogue which was abandoned by the team. The company is also planning to launch three new games this year.


The third quarter investor report from MGI, the firm that owns Gamigo, has both positive and negative news. The 14th page of the report describes some broad intentions for Gamigo’s game portfolio, which includes some fascinating details.

After conceding that the game had gone “for a longer time” without updates, RIFT “will have a first fantastic update […] in Q1’22,” one of the most significant comments for MMORPG players is a guarantee that the game “will have a first excellent update […] in Q1’22.” The report didn’t provide any other specifics, but given the extended period of time without meaningful material, this is definitely something crucial for fans to hear, despite the report’s understandable skepticism.

In addition, the report promises that “other projects” for the coming year are in the works, such as a European release of Pirate101, new licenses, new content for existing games (including “larger updates” for Trove, Fiesta Online, and Wizard101), international expansion, and “porting to new devices.”

The article also mentioned some bad news in the company’s game pipeline, including the handover of ArcheAge publishing to Kakao as well as the MOBA hybrid Skydome and the PvE-centric Atlas Reactor resurrection Atlas Rogues, both of which “did not fulfill expectations and will not be developed further.” The whole report is available for download here.


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