Grab a key for Eden Falling’s ongoing closed alpha 2 courtesy of Razor Edge Games and MOP

MOP has been releasing a bunch of news about their upcoming RPG Eden Falling. Razor Edge Games, the developer behind the game, has announced that they are opening up the game to a beta test for both Steam and if you are a MOP customer, you will get an automatic key to the closed alpha 2 version of the game. The alpha has already been open for a few days now, but Razor Edge Games is still testing the game to make sure that all the bugs are fixed.

This week, the Eden team announced the second closed alpha of Eden Falling, an upcoming survival game set on an isolated island. As the title suggests, the game is set in the aftermath of a world-wide cataclysm, and players find themselves stranded on an island, with only limited resources to keep them alive. The game’s early access build, alpha 2, is currently available on Steam; you can download it for free here .

If you haven’t heard of Eden Falling yet, you are probably not alone. It’s a 3D, multiplayer, tower-defense game, where you are free to build whatever kind of defenses you can think of to protect your precious Eden.

Eden Falling, a “multiplayer sci-fi turn-based strategic survival RPG” that we’ve been following for a few years, entered phase two of its closed alpha yesterday. The game has been steadily progressing during production, with the most recent engine upgrade promising “more fluid gameplay, greater fidelity, and smoother gameplay with high-definition visuals.” “And when we’re ready to add multiplayer, the upgraded engine’s network technology will enable faster rollout and allow us concentrate more on design and balance,” the company claims.

“Thanks to Alpha 1’s success, we’re now ready and eager to start Alpha 2 testing! During Alpha 1, our team was able to address a number of issues that you, our play testers, had raised. We’ve also upgraded the game engine to provide you a better experience while playing Eden Falling Alpha. Play testers may expect to see additional game rules and features available to test in the future. […] You can expect a full overhaul of the user interface, better gameplay, and additional rules and playable content.”

Do you want to assist them in their testing? We’ve received the keys to Phase 2! To get one of these keys, click the Mo button below (and verify you’re not a robot).

get your key

There are just 1992 keys remaining!

Because these are Steam keys, you’ll need to activate them via Steam according to Valve’s instructions. The keys have no geographical limitations, however the game may only be played in English. Players are bound by an NDA and must follow a code of conduct, so behave responsibly (no streaming, etc.).

Notes on standard giveaways: If there’s no captcha or Mo button and it just reads “No keys left!” We’re out of keys if you write “Sorry” in large letters. We’ll post a notice on social media if we receive another batch from the studio. Do you have issues with the captcha not working? Try using a different browser or clearing your cache. Finally, keep your code safe! We won’t be able to get it back for you if you lose it after we’ve handed out all of our keys.

Good luck and have a good time!


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