Gyatt: The Hilarious New Slang Term You Need to Know About

Hey, you, ever feel like you just can’t keep up with the lingo the kids are spitting these days? Do you find yourself constantly scratching your head when your Gen Z coworkers start throwing around words like ‘snatched’ and ‘sus’? Well buckle up buttercup, because there’s a new slang sensation sweeping social media and it’s about to gyatt you shook. This tongue-twisting term is taking TikTok by storm, with teenagers lip-syncing the nonsensical word in videos that have gone insanely viral. Still confused? No cap, learning what does gyatt means will have you feeling fleek again. So grab a snack, sit back, and let us drool over the hilarious origins of this hyped-up hype word. Warning: understanding gyatt may lead to excessive use in daily convos to embarrass your kids.

What Does “Gyatt” Mean?

The Scoop on This Hilarious New Slang Term

You’ve probably heard someone say “that’s so gyatt” and had absolutely no clue what they were talking about. Don’t worry; you’re not alone – this hilarious new slang term is baffling pretty much everyone over the age of 22.

But we’re here to fill you in on the gyatt goss. “Gyatt” is the latest linguistic anomaly to take over the internet and confuse parents everywhere. It’s basically just a funnier way of saying “that’s crazy” or “that’s wild.”

A Gyatt Origin Story

Like many of the best slang words, “gyatt” emerged from the strange parallel universe of Black Twitter. The term is thought to have originated from a 2021 viral video of a guy reacting incredulously to something off-camera, saying “that’s gyatt!”

From there, the made-up word took on a life of its own as a cheeky way to express surprise, shock, or disbelief about something bizarre or outrageous. Gyatt’s popularity exploded on TikTok and has now infiltrated mainstream internet vernacular.

Using Gyatt in a Sentence

  • “Did you see that guy just walk into a pole? That’s gyatt.”
  • “I can’t believe she ate the whole pizza by herself. Gyatt.”
  • “Scoring front-row tickets to the BeyoncĂ© concert? That’s gyatt!”

So next time something seems unbelievably crazy or unhinged, you can confidently declare “that’s gyatt” and instantly earn yourself some internet slang cred. You’re welcome.

The Origins of the Gyatt Slang Term

The Mysterious Beginnings

You ever wonder how some slang terms just seem to materialize out of nowhere? One minute, no one’s ever heard of it. The next, it’s everywhere – memes, tweets, even your parents are saying it (which means it’s already dead, but we’ll get to that).

Gyatt is one of those enigmatic words that seemed to erupt spontaneously into the internet vernacular. Like a modern-day Athena, springing fully-formed from the cranium of the digital zeitgeist. Except, you know, less mythological and more…internet-y.

Tracking the Linguistic Breadcrumbs

Pinpointing the precise origins of gyatt is a linguistic Wild Goose Chase through the tangled web of meme culture and shitposts. The earliest recorded usage appears to be a 2019 tweet that’s since been lost to the ether. But various scholars (read: extremely online people) have traced it back to certain niche gaming forums and Reddit communities.

It started as an intentional misspelling or bastardization of the word “great.” Then it slowly metastasized into an all-purpose adjective for anything vaguely impressive, surprising, or just plain weird. From there, the rest is history – or a poorly-documented series of escalating shitposts. Potato, potah-to.

The Gyatt Circle of Life

Like all good slang terms, gyatt will eventually go through the inescapable cycle: coined by the ultra-online avant-garde, it trickles into mainstream usage, your parents find out about it, and just like that – it’s gyatt retired.

But that’s the beautiful, ephemeral nature of slang. It’s a linguistic mayfly, here for a good time, not a long time. So enjoy gyatt while it lasts, because soon enough, some other confusing, vaguely inappropriate term will take its place in the teenage lexicon. The circle of (slang) life continues.

How to Use Gyatt in Conversation and Texts

Casually Drop It

The beauty of gyatt is its versatility – you can slide it into pretty much any conversation without missing a beat. Try sprinkling it in when chatting with friends: “Did you catch that game last night? The opposing team was gyatt!” In a work email: “Thanks for the report, this data is gyatt.” You get the idea.

Emphasize With Flair

For maximum impact, pair gyatt with dramatic hand gestures or exaggerated facial expressions. Roll your eyes skyward as you lament: “Traffic this morning was absolutely gyatt.” Or throw up your hands in amiable exasperation: “My kids are being so gyatt today!” The more theatrical the delivery, the better.

Get Creative

Don’t just settle for using gyatt as a generic adjective. Take it to new, unexpected places! Address your dog: “Who’s a gyatt boy? You are!” Gyatt can even work as a verb: “I totally gyatted that test.” Or make up your own gyatt-based words: un-gyatt, gyattitude, gyattastic. The possibilities are delightfully gyatt.

Know Your Audience

While gyatt is a fun, harmless term, it may not fly in certain formal or professional settings. Use discretion when gyatt-ing around, say, your grandparents or at a job interview. But for casual conversations with friends, co-workers or word-lovers of any age? Let your gyatt flag fly high!


So there you have it, folks. Gyatt is the hilariously absurd new slang term we never knew we needed. Whether you’re using it to roast your buddy for wearing socks with sandals or to poke fun at questionable fashion choices, gyatt has officially entered the zeitgeist. Go ahead, embrace your inner gyatt and sprinkle this prime piece of lingo into your conversations. But use it wisely, lest you yourself get branded a certified gyatt. At the end of the day, we could all use a little more lighthearted ribbing in our lives. Gyatt is the perfect way to bring some cheeky humor into any situation while avoiding outright meanness. So sally forth and gyatt it up – just don’t overdo it, or you’ll end up the punchline instead of the comedian. The world needs more sly winks and playful jabs, not nasty barbs. Gyatt walks that fine line with masterful wit. So be a gyatt, have fun with it, but stay classy out there too.


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