Jagex will publish indie RuneScape spinoff called Melvor Idle

RuneScape developer Jagex has announced plans to publish an indie game spinoff called Melvor Idle. The new game will be published on the company’s own platform, with players able to earn in-game currency and spend it on cosmetic items.

The melvor idle roadmap is a spinoff of the popular RuneScape game. It will be published by Jagex, and will be released in 2019.

Remember back in January when we spoke about Melvor Idle, a RuneScape-inspired idle game fan project? Here’s some good news about that project: Rather of attempting to suppress it and then having to backtrack later, like Jagex did with the RuneLite HD mod, the company will publish it on its own.

“[Jagex] today announced that it would publish Melvor Idle under the Jagex Partners brand in collaboration with independent developer Brendan Malcolm. Melvor Idle is a game strongly influenced by Jagex’s famous RuneScape series that is now in Early Access and has already received over 600,000 downloads across Steam, App Store, and Google Play. Melvor Idle was created by Brendan Malcolm, an Australian single developer who has played RuneScape since he was a kid, as a method of recreating the fundamental components of the RuneScape brand in a manner that could be enjoyed casually, fitting around his busy adult life. He condensed the essential components of RuneScape, taking inspiration from the setting, abilities, combat, and gameplay, into an idle game in the style of Clicker Heroes and Egg Inc.”

“Not only will this collaboration help me reach even more players with Melvor Idle, but it will also help me truly establish Games by Malcs as an up-and-coming company with an office in Perth, Australia,” Malcolm adds.

It’s not an MMO, but it’s based on one of the biggest, so it’s worth a look; it’s in early access on Steam for $9.99, but it’s also “free-to-try” on Android and iOS.


The melvor idle discord is a new RuneScape spinoff that will be published by Jagex.

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