Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters Bloom

The Daemonhunters are a discipline of the Adepta Sororitas, which is an all-female order that serves as both soldiers and protectors. Their task is to hunt down daemons across the galaxy in search for relics and ancient knowledge. A new edition of Warhammer 40k has launched this month with Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters Bloom already out on Steam!

The “warhammer 40k chaos gate – daemonhunters 2021” is a game for the PC. It takes place in the Warhammer 40,000 universe and has players take control of the Daemonhunters to fight against Chaos and their minions.

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters Bloom

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters Bloom Mechanics Detailed, Daemon Primarch Teased

Frontier Foundry and Complex Games unveiled more about Bloom dynamics in Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters today, as well as discussing the strategy game’s enemies and teasing the involvement of one specific Daemon Primarch.

Your unit of Grey Knights battles Nurgle’s minions, including the Death Guard, in Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters, as you struggle to stop the spread of a sickness known as the Bloom.

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters Bloom Mechanics Detailed, Daemon Primarch Teased

Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate - Daemonhunters Bloom Mechanics Detailed, Daemon Primarch Teased

The disease, which seems to be propagated by corrupted seeds delivered by the Chaos God’s soldiers, is easily detectable owing to corrupted growths known as Bloomspawn, which progressively take over planets, trying to eat all life.

As you battle across Bloom-infected worlds, you’ll see that the illness permits Nurgle to actively interfere with your objectives. Warp surges may call additional enemy reinforcements, limit your Grey Knight’s powers, and bestow your opponents extraordinary boons and mutations, among other things.

“One planet may have been afflicted with the Strain of Pain, which causes foes to have greater damage mutations,” said Senior Programmer Dave Reimer. “Others may have been afflicted with the Death Strain, which allows foes to drain your Knight’s willpower.”

The longer the Bloom is allowed to expand throughout a planet, the more Nurgle’s influence will be felt while battling on it.

Players will have to handle the outbreak strategically with limited resources, which may be used to improve the power of their soldiers (through Stratagems and Purity Seals) or their Strike Cruiser (The Baleful Edict), enabling it to react to combat missions faster and suppress the Bloom’s taint.

“Because our game mechanics are very different from the tabletop experience, we were able to pitch some tweaks and totally novel abilities for all the units,” said Lead Designer Peter Schnabl. Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters ties the abilities and designs of its units to the tabletop miniatures.

Greater Daemons and Daemon Princes, who “offer a formidable challenge to defeat,” will be pitted against your Grey Knights throughout the campaign.

Your units may be hurled through walls, crushed underfoot, and “whole parts of levels” can be collapsed. Each of these Lords of the Bloom employs a distinct strategy, and defeating them requires the application of all of your abilities.

Mortarion himself was more or less confirmed to emerge around the conclusion of the game’s second diary. Although we don’t know how much of an impact he’ll have throughout the campaign, Primarchs are uncommon in Warhammer 40K video games, so having him there is exciting.

The PC version of Warhammer 40,000: Chaos Gate – Daemonhunters will be released next year.

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It’s one of sports’ great traditions, and for Detroit Lions fans, it’s often the only thing to look forward to each year. Thanksgiving football in Detroit is as authentic as it gets. It’s on par with making automobiles or training coney dogs.

The Chicago Bears are in town this year, like they have done many times before, to attempt to destroy yet another Thanksgiving Day.

On Thanksgiving, the Lions are 37-42-2 all-time. Many of the games have been against Chicago, both victories and defeats.

Since 1934, the Lions have played on Thanksgiving Day every year. The only thing that has stood in the way of Detroit’s Thanksgiving day football is a hiatus from 1939 to 1944 due to World War II.

The Detroit Lions have hosted a variety of teams 21 times, including the Green Bay Packers. The Bears are also a popular Thanksgiving Day opponent for the Lions, and the two teams have a lengthy history together.

In fact, they were the first team to play a Thanksgiving game in 1934. The Lions were in their first season in Detroit, having been purchased by G.A. Richards and relocated from Portsmouth, Ohio. Richards renamed the squad the Lions and planned a Thanksgiving game versus the Bears, which was formerly known as the Spartans.

Chicago had just won two championships in a row at the time. The Bears defeated the newly-minted Lions 19-16 at University of Detroit Stadium.

On Thanksgiving, the Lions and Bears have met almost 20 times.

Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears Tarik Cohen #29 of the Chicago Bears runs with the football during an NFL game on Thanksgiving Day against the Detroit Lions | Dave Reginek/Getty Images

The Lions and Bears have met on Thanksgiving 18 times, with this year’s game being the 19th. The Lions are 8-10 all-time versus the Bears on Thanksgiving Day, with their most recent victory coming in 2014.

In a 34-17 Detroit victory, Hall of Fame wide receiver Calvin Johnson caught 11 catches for 146 yards and two scores. Matthew Stafford, now with the Los Angeles Rams, threw for 390 yards and two touchdowns to Megatron on 34-of-45 passing. Jay Cutler threw two interceptions in addition to two touchdowns for Chicago.

The Bears and Lions last faced each other on Thanksgiving in 2019. Mitch Trubisky threw for 338 yards and three touchdowns to lead the Bears to a 24-20 victory against the Lions.

This year’s contest pits two desperate clubs against one other.

Lions head coach Dan Campbell

Lions head coach Dan Campbell Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell during a game against the Cleveland Browns | Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

Despite the fact that the Thanksgiving game is typically a must-see, this one won’t feature two renowned teams. The Lions are 0-9-1 and are urgently attempting to avoid going winless this season. The Bears have been performing poorly, and there are even rumours that head coach Matt Nagy may be fired after the game.

Nagy has refuted such allegations, but it’s just one example of the Bears’ current state of disarray. They’re on a five-game losing run and will be without starting quarterback Justin Fields and standout pass rusher Khalil Mack, both of whom are sidelined for the season due to injury.

This game is worth watching only to see which side is more eager for a victory, since both are in urgent need of one.

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Dad reading book illustration family tradition ideas.

We wrote an article last week on why and how to start family rituals. Traditions have various advantages: they enhance family relationships, improve the life you live together, contribute to the well-being of your children, and generate lasting memories. As a result, they are considered one of the three foundations of family culture.

Today, we’ve compiled a list of over 60 unique family tradition ideas. Some of these may be immediately incorporated into your family, while others can be used as inspiration for building your own traditions.

Before we get started, let’s go over a few things that will help you build new traditions that will be successful:

  • While it may be tempting to establish a slew of new traditions, focus on quality rather than number. You’ll be golden if you do a pair from each category.
  • Choose the traditions that are most meaningful to you. However, as you go through the list, try not to dismiss any of the ideas as ridiculous or insufficiently detailed. This isn’t just about what appeals to you as a cynical adult; it’s also about what your children will like. When you go back to your youth, you’ll recall that some shockingly ridiculous and simple activities were a lot of fun and resulted in wonderful memories.
  • Traditions must be followed on a regular basis to be successful. When life becomes hectic and you’ve had a hard day, it’s easy to toss a tradition out the window. Commit to the tradition and make every effort to follow it as closely as possible.

The following suggestions are based on The Book of New Family Traditions, my and Kate’s individual families, our friends’ families, and those we’ve devised for our own family.

Traditions of Daily Connection

Connections Every Day Traditions are the tiny acts that you do on a daily basis to reaffirm your family’s identity and beliefs. Your family’s daily “traditions” might quickly develop into everyone accessing the internet on their own gadgets if you don’t think about it. So be sure to include some daily routines that bring you together face to face and enable you to reconnect.

Handshake with a Secret. For millennia, societies have utilized secret handshakes to identify members from non-members. Make one for yourself and your family. It might be ornate and complicated, or it can be simple yet profound. A family highlighted in The Book of New Family Traditions is an example of the latter. Squeezing each other’s hands three times to indicate the three phrases “I love you” was a ritual in this household. The father gripped his daughter’s hand three times as he escorted her down the aisle on her wedding day. “Only she knew what was going on, a little personal ritual hidden in plain sight amid one of the biggest and most public, and she claims it was one of the most touching times of her life.”

Meal with the family. Countless studies have proven that having a meal as a family (it doesn’t have to be supper) has a favorable impact on children. We’ll devote a full piece on how to make the most of family dinners, but in the meanwhile, consider these ideas for making bread breaking a beloved tradition:


  • First and foremost, there will be no television, telephones, or iPads.
  • Begin with dignity. If you’re not religious, ask everyone to share something they’re thankful for on that particular day.
  • Everyone in the family takes turns reporting anything good or bad that has occurred to them throughout the day.
  • “Do you have any tales to tell?” Kate and I have been doing this for a few years now. Everyone is asked to bring anything fascinating they’ve read or heard throughout the day to the table.

Prayer for the family. Prayer is an essential practice for religious households. Family prayer does not have to be limited to the dinner table. Before everyone departs in the morning, before everyone goes to bed, or both, you may pray as a family. Every night, our family prays. Everyone, even Gus, takes turns reciting the prayer.

Singing Time with the Family Singing has the ability to bring people together on a primitive level. Furthermore, you may pass on your ideals and cultural heritage to your children via music. When we put Gus to bed, we always sing a song or two. We’ve been doing it since he was a baby, and you can see it helps him feel safe, loved (we often sing songs about being a family), and calm. It’s been fascinating to see him gradually pick up the lyrics and begin singing along with us.

I’m hoping Gus or Scout will be interested in taking piano lessons because I have a fantasy of us all gathering around the piano singing Christmas songs together one day.

The Journal of “What We Learned Today.” Purchase a high-end leather-bound journal. Before going to bed, each family member must jot down something they learnt throughout the day. For little children, parents may transcribe. It is not necessary for entries to be lengthy or meaningful. “If you touch a turtle, he puts his head back in his shell,” for example. This is an excellent method to instill in your children a passion for lifetime learning.

Every day, you’ll get a surprise drawing or note. In Tulsa, there was a man who made small cartoons or scribbled inspirational comments on the napkins he packed in his kids’ lunches. Napkin Dad was conceived. When my kids enter school, I’d want to do something similar.

Hugs to you and your family. Every day, Kate and I try to squeeze in one family embrace. Following that, we normally put our hands in our pockets and chant “three, two, one,” before raising them and yelling “McKays!” Yes, it’s corny, but Gus enjoys it, and the goal is to emphasize our family’s individuality.

Dad reading book bedtime story to kids illustration.

A Story for Bedtime Children who have their parents read to them on a daily basis do better in school and have wider vocabularies than those who do not. Not only can reading with your kid make them smarter, but it will also help you connect. Hearing your father read aloud to you has a calming effect on you. Check out this father and daughter who read together every night for 3,128 days until the girl was in college for some inspiration.


Evening strolls Walking not only helps to solve difficulties, but it also helps to build families. Evening walks are a terrific way to catch some fresh air while digesting the events of the day.

Motto for the family’s call-and-response system. Jim and John Harbaugh (coaches of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens, respectively) didn’t have much while they were growing up. Their father, on the other hand, constantly made them feel as though they had everything they needed. “Who’s got it better than us?” he’d ask his sons to reinforce this idea. “Nooo-body!” they would scream back. Jim now utilizes the same call and answer to help his football team become more united.

Traditions of Weekly Connection

“”””””” de Analog games, such as cribbage and Apples to Apples, are a pleasant and inexpensive way for families to engage and have fun together. Reduce the level of competitiveness while increasing the level of laughing. I’m looking forward to playing Boggle with Gus and Scout.

It’s Movie Night! Allow your children to choose a movie to watch, and conduct a dad’s choice night every now and again to expose your children to oldies such as Back to the Future and Raiders of the Lost Ark while waxing lyrical about how movies were just better in the 1980s. Make dad’s secret popcorn recipe or take the kids to the pharmacy once in a while and let them pick out their own sweets.

Football on Saturday. On a Saturday afternoon in the autumn, there’s something immensely peaceful and comfortable about watching college football with your family. As you cheer for your team together, pass along your alma mater pride.

It’s Pizza Night! Everyone like pizza, and it’s wonderful to know that you can have it on a certain date each week. Skip the delivery every now and again and create your own, enabling the kids to choose their own toppings for their incredibly easy mini pizzas.

Do you dislike pizza? Why don’t you try Taco Tuesday? Taco Tuesday is a favorite around here.

Evening at home with the family. Mormons are advised to set aside one night each week for Family Home Evening (typically Monday night). A typical Family Home Evening consists of a pleasant activity followed by a brief lecture or devotional on a virtue or scripture. A special treat is frequently served at the end of FHE.

Family Home Evening’s objective is to teach your children the ideas and values you want them to keep with them as adults in a relaxed and caring environment. FHE may be modified by families of any religious affiliation, as well as non-religious households. Family Home Evening has no set formula. Simply gather the kids for 30 minutes of fun, debate, and food once a week.

Vinyl Dance Party for the Whole Family In his piece on how to get started collecting vinyl records, AoM writer Cameron Schaefer described a wonderful family ritual. The Schaefer family meets in their family room on Friday evenings for a Vinyl Record Dance Party. A family member chooses the music for the evening, and everyone dances until they pass out on the floor.


Dad making dinner for family illustration.

Breakfast special on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Many households have unique Saturday and Sunday morning breakfast customs. Pancakes or cinnamon buns for some, a massive breakfast dish for others. Dads and breakfasts are a natural match, so focus on developing your own speciality.

Breakfast, on the other hand, does not have to be a strictly domestic affair. Every Saturday morning, I take Gus to Braum’s for brunch. Gus gets pancakes and milk. Dad gets a sausage, egg, and cheese biscuit. We’ve been doing this since Gus was approximately 10 months old, and we’ve only missed a few Saturdays in that time. Gus being all psyched about “Breakfast at Braum’s” on Friday night is hilarious.

Dinner and a trip to the grocery store. Every Monday, the whole family goes to a grocery shop that also has a restaurant. We have supper there first and then go shopping afterwards. Although it may not seem very thrilling, we are all looking forward to it.

Family Meetings are held every week. Your family is a business entity. You must plan, address concerns, and coordinate timetables, just like any other effective corporation. This is where the weekly family gathering comes in. In the future, I’ll devote an entire piece on how to host a good family gathering. Keep an eye out for updates.

Traditions of the Monthly Connection

Family on nighttime walk looking at full moon illustration.

Walking under the full moon. Every 29 days, there is a full moon. Even if you’ve seen them before, they’re still a magnificent sight – particularly for children who haven’t lost their sense of wonder. Take a family trip outdoors at night to marvel at the full moon whenever it appears. If you have the opportunity, go into the woods at night to feel the grandeur of nature. This is an excellent approach to introduce your children to the world’s rhythms and cycles.

Goals in a Box Setting and working toward a goal is a crucial life skill for your children to learn. What better way to instill this in your children than via a family tradition? Get a cigar box or a decorative wooden box, and have each member of your family write down one objective they want to achieve that month on a sheet of paper and set it in the box on the first day of each month. Take out the pieces of paper the next month and look through the objectives to see how everyone performed. Then, for the next month, create fresh objectives. Rinse and repeat as needed.

Daddy-Daughter Date A friend of ours has three daughters. He’s taken one of them on a “Daddy Daughter Date” every month since they were knee-high to a grasshopper. The rules were straightforward. The activity they participated in was chosen by the daughter with whom he spent the evening. It didn’t matter to him what they did. His objective was to spend one-on-one time with each of his children.

Daughters aren’t the only ones who enjoy a monthly rendezvous with their father. You may also do something similar with your boys.

Today is National Family Service Day. If your family’s mission statement includes fostering a culture of service, make a monthly Family Service Day a reality. Set aside a Saturday or Sunday to help others. It may entail volunteering at a homeless shelter, scrubbing an elderly neighbor’s garden, or sorting items at Goodwill.


Milestone Traditions/Life Changes

Milestone customs commemorate occurrences that may only happen a few times or even once in your family’s lifetime. However, when they are handed down from generation to generation, they become traditions.

New Household Customs

Dedication of a New Home Purchasing a house is a significant event, and it’s a fantastic opportunity to start a family tradition. Some religious people organize rituals to devote the house (and everyone who lives there) to God.

A Chanukat Habayit (house dedication) celebration is typical in the Jewish tradition. Words from the Torah are delivered at this gathering, and family and friends utilize the opportunity to convey their blessings and wishes for a prosperous and pleasant stay in this new home.

New Muslim homeowners often throw a feast in their new home, and all who enter are expected to leave a blessing.

Different Christian groups have their own traditions for dedicating a new house, but they invariably include a dedicatory prayer and a Bible reading. Check out this list for some suggestions on which scriptures to read. After a home dedication ceremony, I know many Christian families who would install a plaque outside their home’s doorway with the famous passage from Joshua 24:15 (“As for me and my house…”).

“It’s a Wonderful Life” is a film based on the book “It’s a Wonderful Blessing. George Bailey and his wife, Mary, present a beautiful housewarming gift/blessing to a family who just moved into a new home in the classic holiday film It’s a Wonderful Life:

Mary: Bread… so that no one in our family goes hungry.

[Mary gives Mrs. Martini a loaf of bread.]

Mary: Salt… so that life would always be tasty.

[Mary gives Mrs. Martini a box of salt.]

George Bailey: And wine… so that happiness and wealth may last forever. You’ve arrived to the Martini Castle.

[George gives a bottle of wine to Mr. Martini.]

To participate in this tradition, you don’t need to know a considerate couple like the Baileys. When you move into your new house, just do it yourself. Perhaps make some focaccia and serve it with wine for the adults and grape juice for the kids.

Mortgage Burning Celebration. This one is for all of you Dave Ramsey “gazelles.” Throw a celebration with your family and ceremoniously burn your mortgage agreement after you’ve paid off your house mortgage. Mortgage Burning Parties were formerly a popular occurrence in America, but owing to changing attitudes and increased mobility among Americans (making it less likely that a homeowner would stay in a house long enough to pay it off), they are now almost unheard of. It’s a custom that I believe should be revived.

Family planting tree in the ground together illustration.

Capsule of Family Time When you move into what you assume will be your “forever home,” bury a family time capsule. Fill the capsule with some of your family’s favorite belongings, messages, and period-appropriate stuff. Then, after 20 or 30 years, reopen it. If you wind up relocating sooner than you expected, make sure you exhume it.


Traditions Associated with Schools

Photos from the first day of school. Take your children to the front of the home on the first day of each school year and take a photo of them for posterity. You’ll appreciate seeing how they’ve changed throughout the years. As a youngster, I recall looking forward to this little event. It was my moment to flaunt my new Air Force One high-tops and fancy new bag.

The Very First Day of School Chalk Encouragement. On the first day of school, children might be a bit worried. Make a lovely surprise for them by writing encouraging notes in chalk on the driveway the night before. It will make them grin the following day as they walk out the door.

Note regarding the Parent/Teacher Conference. Kate’s parents would leave a note in her desk whenever they came in for parent/teacher conferences, complimenting her on how tidy her desk was, how wonderful her artwork on the wall was, and a good thing the teacher had said about her. Kate says she was excited to discover the message and that it was exciting to believe her parents were present.

Celebration of College Acceptance One family I know would purchase everyone in the family a t-shirt or sweater with the school’s insignia and then have a BBQ with the university’s fight song playing in the background to celebrate their children’s college acceptance letters. The mother would then take a photo of the whole family dressed in school colors, frame it, and carry it with their child’s belongings when he or she left for college. Cheesy? I felt that was a lovely gesture, but just a little.

Traditions in Weddings

Roast the night before the wedding. Another friend’s family used to spend the night before one of their children’s weddings at a motel. They’d hang together and perform a lighthearted roast of the upcoming bride or groom. They have a large enough immediate family (5 children) to make this an enjoyable experience. If your family is tiny, include close extended relatives as well.

Traditions for Birthdays

Birthday celebrations are customary in most households. Dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, cake, and gifts. You know what I’m talking about. Here are several birthday customs you may not have considered.

Wish for the First Cake Cut. This one was given to me by Kate’s family. In addition to receiving a wish for blowing out the candles, the birthday boy or girl receives a second wish for cutting into the birthday cake for the first time. One cake, two wishes. That’s unbeatable.

New Privilege/Responsibility Cards have been issued. In the middle of all the excitement, tell your child that as they become older, they have more authority, and with more power comes greater responsibility. Give your youngster two envelopes in addition to birthday gifts. “New Privilege” is written on one envelope, while “New Responsibility” is written on the other. Each year, provide an age-appropriate privilege and duty.

Time Capsule for 8th/18th Birthdays. Fill a time capsule with some of your child’s favorite objects and a letter to himself on his eighth birthday. On his 18th birthday, a decade later, he opens it.


Grease for the nose. This birthday custom originated with our close friends to the north. It is customary in Canada (especially in the Atlantic Coast provinces) for the birthday boy or girl to be ambushed by friends or family members and have their nose coated with butter for good luck. The buttered nose is said to make the individual too slick to be caught by ill luck. This custom is claimed to have originated in Scotland. This one comes from my family country of Nova Scotia, therefore I suppose I’ll have to adopt it.

Dad measuring child kid's height on doorframe illustration.

The Door Frame’s Yearly Measurement Many families put crude pencil lines on their doorframes to mark off their children’s height as they get older. Make taking the measurement a birthday ritual.

Traditions that aren’t quite what you’d expect

Traditions of Hunting To commemorate the life-giving hunt, our hunter/gatherer forefathers created important ceremonies. Even though hunting is no longer necessary for survival, many families still have rituals that revolve on their annual hunt. The Hunting Beard, the after-hunt breakfast or meal, and commemorating the first kill by letting the rookie hunter share his meat with the company are just a few examples. There are plenty others. In the comments, I’d love to hear yours.

Party for observing meteors. Get everyone up in the pre-dawn hours once or twice a year (use this handy calendar), dress warmly, drive out to a location with less light pollution, lie down on a blanket, and pour cups of cider or cocoa from a thermos while watching for meteors and pointing out different constellations to your kids.

Hello and welcome to Fall Dinner. Bring in the first day of the year’s undeniably greatest season with a harvest-themed supper, such as turkey, stuffing, and apple crisp. It’s something my mother did in my family when I was a kid, and I loved it.

Today is the first day of baseball season. While football has surpassed baseball as America’s favorite sport, there’s something about going to a game on opening day to honor America’s pastime that appeals to me. It’s an opportunity to bond with your children through a sport that has brought generations of American families together.

Dad taking son to barbershop illustration.

Dad pays a visit to the barbershop. Every male should go to the barbershop on a regular basis. Every small boy should, too. Make his first visit to the barbershop a big affair to instill the time-honored, macho habit of going to the barbershop in your strapping young kid. Take photographs of him lowering his earlobes and then take him out for breakfast or lunch. Get your haircuts together from then on.

Camping trip every year. Take your kids camping at least once a year to instill a love of the great outdoors in them. If you locate a campground you like, go back to it time and time again as you create particular experiences there.

Another great custom is to go backyard “camping” with your child one day a year.

Traditions of the Holidays

The holidays are the season with the most traditions. From baking cookies for Christmas to going on an Easter egg hunt, there are many of fantastic old customs to choose from. Here are a few holiday customs you may not have considered.



Scavenger Hunt for Easter Baskets Instead of placing Easter baskets near their beds or in the living room, have your children go on an Easter egg hunt. Place the first clue near their beds and instruct them to follow the clues until they reach their baskets.

Important note: incorporating a scavenger hunt into any event transforms it into an unforgettable tradition. As a youngster, I don’t think there’s anything more entertaining than a treasure hunt.

War of the Eggs. When you pour out the food coloring, the joy of dying Easter eggs doesn’t have to stop. Begin the egg battles on Easter Sunday. On the count of three, two individuals each grasp an egg and strike the end of their eggs together. Whoever’s egg breaks loses; the winner advances to the next round. You may reward whomever has the egg that lasts the longest with a prize. Kate’s grandfather’s family was so destitute during the Great Depression that the reward was retaining the other person’s egg.


Pumpkinfest. Make the traditional pumpkin carving ritual even more special by visiting a great pumpkin farm each year, enjoying a hayride while you’re there, and preparing a complete pumpkin-themed dinner to go along with it (pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie…).

Ghost Stories and Tombstone Rubbing Rubbing tombstones used to be a favorite hobby among locals. It’s still used by genealogists looking for information about forebears. Simply take some butcher paper, put it over the face of the gravestone, then wipe charcoal or crayon over it to transfer the inscription from the monument to the paper.

Visit an ancient cemetery late at night to make this exercise a little spookier, and have a contest to see who can acquire the oldest gravestone rubbing. (Don’t forget to bring your flashlights!) After that, sit in the graveyard and share ghost tales. Spoooky!

Candy Swapping Wizard is a game where you swap candies. If you don’t want your kids to graze on their trick-or-treat sweets for the next six months, but want to do something more entertaining than being grumpy about it, this is an excellent option. Tell your children to choose a certain number of pieces of candy to keep, and then leave the remainder of their loot outside their room door. A magician appears in the middle of the night and exchanges their sweets for a present.

Burial of Jack O’ Lanterns. A carved Jack O’Lantern usually meets an ignoble end after serving courageously on Halloween Night, withering away on the front porch and finally being discarded in the garbage. One family in The Book of New Family Traditions didn’t believe their Jack O’ Lanterns deserved to die so quickly. As a result, they decided to bury their carved pumpkins the day following Halloween. They’ve designated a tiny spot in their garden as the “Pumpkin Graveyard.” The day after Halloween, the family visits the cemetery with their individual Jack O’ Lanterns and delivers a brief eulogy that goes as follows:


“We’ve come here to pay tribute to our beloved Jack O’ Lanterns who have passed away. Our Halloween Pumpkins have provided us and our Trick-or-Treaters a lot of delight throughout the years. We have now relegated them to the planet from where they originated. “May they be at ease.”

Of course, all of this is done with a tongue firmly in cheek.

“The Great Pumpkin would be pleased,” says the family’s mother.


Box of Appreciation Family members are urged to anonymously jot down a few things they are thankful for on pieces of paper, which are then put in a decorated shoebox, while they wait for dinner to begin. After dessert, the box is passed around the table, with each person drawing a slip and reading it aloud until the box is empty. Hearing family members express passionate (and sometimes amusing) gratitude is entertaining, as is guessing who wrote what.

Football game known as the Turkey Bowl. A morning of touch football is a fantastic way to build up an appetite for turkey and pumpkin pie later that day for families that have large extended family gatherings for Thanksgiving.

I’m sitting here watching the Lions lose. Without the family gathering around the television to watch the Detroit Lions lose, Thanksgiving would be incomplete. Thanksgiving would be incomplete without pumpkin pie and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.


It’s time to say goodbye to the old and hello to the new. To encourage your children to live a little more simply, to amass fewer things, and to not hang on to what they have too tightly, compel them to give away the same amount of old toys/clothing as they get for Christmas. What people reject is thrown away or donated.

Family putting christmas wax stencils on window illustration.

Stencils made of glass and wax. This is a Kate’s family tradition that we want to continue. Glass wax is a pink-colored liquid window cleaner that dries to a white frost. You can “transform your window into a winter wonderland!” by wiping it with a sponge over stencils, as the producers of glass wax used to boast. Glass wax stenciling was formerly popular, but it has almost vanished, making both the stencils and the wax difficult to come by. On eBay, you may look for it.

On the Christmas tree, there’s a pickle. According to legend, when imprisoned during the Civil War, Private John C. Lower was handed a pickle by one of the guards on Christmas Eve. He thought the pickle saved his life while he was starving, and after the war, he started a practice of concealing a pickle under the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve for his family to uncover the following morning. Other theories about the origins of this 19th-century American ritual have also been proposed. On Christmas Eve, a pickle ornament is put on the tree, and whomever discovers it first the following morning receives an additional present or is guaranteed a year of good fortune.


Books are a great way to countdown to Christmas. From building a paper chain to unlocking the doors of an advent calendar, there are many entertaining ways to count down to Christmas with your kids. Wrap 24 books about Christmas then unwrap and read one each night throughout December, according to The Book of New Family Traditions. The Night Before Christmas is the book that is opened on December 24th.

Before you open your presents, run a marathon. Parents from a family we know who are ambitious, full of life, and like physical challenges would have their children run a marathon before they could receive gifts. Not on an individual basis, mind you! The 26 kilometers were divided between the parents and their four children, according on their ages and abilities. That’s an interesting technique to teach delayed gratification.

New Year’s Eve celebrations

Invest in a hotel room. When you’re a youngster, staying in a hotel is a lot of fun. On New Year’s Eve, rent a room, bring food and board games, let the kids swim, and have a family sleep party to ring in the new year.

At Midnight, I’m banging on pots and pans. The concept that making noise at midnight can ward off bad luck and evil spirits is the root of the ritual. When the clock strikes twelve, let your kids rush down the street banging pots and pans.

I’m eating Chinese food. Although the Chinese New Year falls on a different day, I’m not sure why Americans equate New Year’s Eve with Chinese cuisine, but Kate and I have created a custom of going out for Chinese food on December 31. It just seems to be a stroke of luck.

If you’re feeling really ambitious, make your own fortune cookies and create customized fortunes for your family.

Regrets are being set ablaze. Make a list of each family member’s regrets from the previous year and then share one of them. Then, to signify a new beginning, toss the regrets into the fireplace.

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Despite the length of this list, there are many more wonderful traditions to be found — we didn’t even cover all of the religious, ethnic, and cultural traditions that exist! Tradition ideas are simply limited by your imagination. Please tell us about your family’s customs in the comments!

Ted Slampyak created the illustrations.



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