Games Inbox: Is the Xbox Series S worth getting?

Xbox One S is a smaller, sleeker, and more powerful version of the original Xbox One. It has a 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray player and HDR support, as well as an improved wireless controller that’s compatible with PC and mobile devices.

The xbox series s specs is a gaming console that has been released recently. It has many features and is worth getting, but it does have some drawbacks.

The Xbox Series S is a viable next-generation option. (Photo courtesy of Microsoft)

The Monday Inbox attempts to figure out which Metroid games are the greatest and worst, while one reader falls in love with 13 Sentinels.

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Double up on the weekend’s Great Reader’s Feature, which was about the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S and didn’t attempt to make it into a console war. Normally, I don’t buy both main consoles in a generation (I could probably afford it, but it seems like an unnecessary luxury to me), but after seeing the weekend feature, I’m really contemplating buying an Xbox Series S to go with my PlayStation 5.

I’m still skeptical about Microsoft exclusives, but that just adds to the attraction of Game Pass in general, since it offers me access to games I’d never pay for and can play as much as I want. To be honest, composing this email makes me believe it’s a good idea more and more, so I’ll probably take one. Especially since they seem to be in stock almost all of the time now — Amazon, for example, has them as I type this.

I guess the most cost-effective option would be to just utilize xCloud for Xbox games, but I’m not a fan of game streaming. From what I’ve seen, the performance and visual quality aren’t quite there yet, and I don’t like the notion of watching anything and then being cut off at any moment if my internet goes down. That isn’t so much of an issue in a movie, but it is in a game. Gordon

Exciting tempo The Halo multiplayer technical demonstration has piqued my interest.

Despite the fact that I am not a member of the insider program, I will apply. The speakers’ candor, as well as their thorough dive into how things operate and why they took certain choices, struck me as a wise and welcome step.

While it may not be to everyone’s taste or gain any new fans, I believe Halo multiplayer has always been excellent.

It has a nice rhythm and weight to it, which I like. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more. Matt

footage shot using a camera Just seeing the Xbox Unreal Engine 5 video reminded me how much I like technical demos. That one for the PlayStation 5 comes to mind as well. Although Batman: Arkham VR was not a game, it was a fantastic tech demonstration, as was Wii Sports.

Perhaps we could spend a weekend together. What’s the big deal about tech demonstrations and the subsequent excitement that turns into deflation or vice versa once the developers who use them get into their stride? I believe it’s a brave move to put out material so early in the game with the belief that it will succeed, even if you don’t really know what you’re doing. Just an idea. D Dubya

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13 is a lucky number. So, I finally got around to playing 13 Sentinels, and it was fantastic. I played it almost nonstop over the weekend and felt the narrative was fantastic, with so many twists and turns. Choosing which tale to read next was frequently a challenge for me since I found the great majority of the character arcs to be extremely fascinating, not all, but I wouldn’t say I didn’t like any of them.

The fighting portions, on the other hand, took some getting accustomed to, but I liked them overall. It was a little messy at times, and I couldn’t always identify what was going on, but I enjoyed it. This is without a doubt my favorite game of the year, with Returnal a close second. Liam

Now available Just a heads up that there are a number of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild amiibo in stock on the Nintendo Store UK right now (as of writing this email on Sunday, August 1st), since I know there are a lot of fans of the game on the Inbox, if you want to buy any for your collection. The Guardian amiibo is also included.

In addition, the Metroid Dread amiibo is now available. Andrew J. is a member of the Andrew J.

GC: There’s still no Bayonetta, unfortunately.

Difference that can’t be seen Regarding Kiran. If you read my message carefully, you’ll see that I was referring to the difference in performance rather than the number of pixels, i.e. it doesn’t require 25% more GPU horsepower to produce 25% more pixels on screen. At that price level, it costs approximately 11% of your frames.

Doom is an anomaly in that it uses VRS on the Xbox Series X, which causes minor artefacts but results in a significantly clearer picture overall. This is not your typical consumer when Digital Foundry says something is apparent. These are professionals who examine it for a livelihood. As I already said, I can’t discern the difference between 1440p and 4K when an upscaler is present. Twigglypuff

Finishing the photo This discussion about power performance between the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 amuses me. Obviously, the Xbox is a more powerful system. And as for the untrained eye justifications, they don’t hold water. In the United Kingdom, you are only permitted to drive at 70 mph. So, on the highway, what’s the difference between a Mini and a Ferrari? The Mini might struggle, but it would achieve the same goal.

What difference in performance would you notice if you captured a ‘screenshot’ of them going by? I’m not an expert on either consoles or automobiles. Phil

GC: You don’t say anything.

On an equal footing RE: ‘What does it matter if you can’t tell the difference in regular circumstances?’ That was the gist of my argument.

Although the Xbox Series X is more powerful, technological advancements have rendered that advantage insignificant. The changes may still be seen, and in some instances they are more apparent (Digital Foundry claiming Doom Eternal is more visibly fuzzy on PlayStation 5 is definitely a negative), but they are sometimes difficult to detect unless you look closely.

The resolution differences, increased texture resolution, increased anisotropic filtering, alpha effects resolution, shadow resolution, and so on can all be noticeable if you sit close enough to a large enough 4K screen, but if, like most people, you don’t sit at optimal viewing distances from a 4K screen, you’ll probably notice a slightly softened image at best.

It doesn’t eliminate the Xbox Series X’s real-world performance advantage, but it does reduce it.

In my opinion, it’s a win for everyone, and it’s one of the main reasons I chose PlayStation 5 over Xbox Series X.

I had a PlayStation 3 and was exposed to several subpar ports of games that looked fantastic on the Xbox 360. I ended up purchasing an Xbox 360 just for the purpose of playing specific games.

This time, I purchased a PlayStation 5 with the informed estimate that, even though the Xbox Series X was more powerful, I wouldn’t be missing out much, and I’d also get the exclusives on PlayStation 5. Kiran

GC: We think we should call it a day on the tech spec talk before everyone starts going around in circles.

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The Metroids are ranked in order of difficulty. After only only played Super Metroid, I, like one of the other readers, have made an attempt to play some of the earlier Metroid games after the news of Metroid Dread. I, too, tried Zero Mission and thought it to be a lot of fun, albeit a bit short, given that it was originally a NES game. Although the update includes a Zero Suit part towards the conclusion of the game, I found the difficulty level to be very high here and gave up.

I decided to play Metroid 2 on the 3DS in the hopes that the Game Boy version would be less enjoyable in 2021; unfortunately, I don’t have a 3DS, so I haven’t done it yet.

I’ve been playing Super Metroid a lot lately, and I’ve decided to give it another try in September. It’s available on both the Switch online service and my SNES Mini, so getting it isn’t an issue.

That left Fusion, which was a strange experience for me. In the end, the mechanics are still Metroid, therefore it’s a fantastic game, but the narrative (as GC pointed out) is terrible. It read as though it had been written by a 10-year-old, with Samus’ ideas in particular being utterly absurd. I didn’t care for the fact that it was set on a space station with different biospheres. I greatly like games based on the surface of the globe. However, I enjoyed the scenes in which the SA-X and Samus shared the same space, and I can understand why Dread is doing the same with the EMMI.

I’m confident in stating that Fusion was my least favorite, even without having played the second installment, so I’m hoping my fingers that Dread will tone down the narrative, but I have a feeling it won’t. Matt

GC: Fusion is also one of our least favorite genres. However, we’d give Zero Mission another chance since the Zero Suit portion is the finest part of an otherwise excellent game.

also-rans in your inbox Have you heard anything regarding the Switch release of Fall Guys? I was ecstatic when I saw the announcement on one of the Nintendo Directs a few months back, but nothing has happened since then. Weymes, Paul

GC: There is no set date, but it is expected to happen this year.

As a PS5 owner, why did I purchase an Xbox Series S? Game Pass Ultimate is a subscription service that gives you access to all of It’s finally over. Anon

GC: We’re pleased the Reader’s Feature writer put forth a little extra effort.

The topic for this week’s Hot Topic is Reader Julian proposed the topic for this weekend’s Inbox, asking whether you’ve ever been reminded of a game by anything banal in real life.

His examples include vehicle rides that remind him of driving games and summer vacations that remind him of Far Cry, but it might be anything from a place that reminds him of a game to a little detail about an in-game item or gadget.

Is this a one-time occurrence or does it happen often, and has it grown more common as the visuals have become more realistic?

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Yes. The Xbox Series S has a better display than the PS4 Pro”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What games come free with Xbox Series S?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
The Xbox One S comes with a free game, Forza Horizon 3.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Will Xbox Series S get all games?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Sadly, no. The Xbox Series S will only be getting a few games that are compatible with the console.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Do games look better on Xbox Series S?

Yes. The Xbox Series S has a better display than the PS4 Pro

What games come free with Xbox Series S?

The Xbox One S comes with a free game, Forza Horizon 3.

Will Xbox Series S get all games?

Sadly, no. The Xbox Series S will only be getting a few games that are compatible with the console.

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