5 Things You Will Miss After Switching From Windows Laptop to MacBook Pro

If you’re considering switching from your Windows laptop to a MacBook Pro, here are five things you’ll miss about your old machine.

The i miss my pc is a common statement that many Windows users have made. It’s not just the PC, but also the programs and accessories that they use on their computers.

The popular Windows operating system is known to most of us who use computer desktop or laptop devices. For many people, the MacBook Pro is an out of reach choice owing to the high expense of purchasing one. Because most big organizations and enterprises are increasingly choosing MacBook Pro and Mac desktops for work-related needs, many individual users have begun to utilize them at work and at home. Despite the fact that many individuals are very pleased with the MacBook Pro, many users miss key functions that are only accessible on Windows-based laptops. After moving from a Windows laptop to a MacBook Pro, there are five things you’ll miss.

1. There is no shortcut for closing all windows.

There may be times when a user must minimize all open apps at once and only open the one application that the user need. On a Windows laptop, it is doable. The MacBook Pro, on the other hand, does not have this feature. A single button in Windows 7 can reduce all active programs and display just the desktop. This is a really intriguing feature. In Windows 10, however, instead of a button like this, you must move the mouse to the right side of the taskbar and look for a button that is not very apparent and has a little form. By pressing the button, all open apps will be minimized. Clicking Command + F3 on a MacBook Pro opens the Mac desktop with all of the apps active. It prevents you from getting the most out of the choice you wish to use. Similarly, the MacBook Pro has an additional button that allows you to open and move between windows.

2. Absence of a “Delete” button

A computer without a delete key is unthinkable. Despite the fact that it is a standard function in the keyboard of a Windows laptop, you won’t find it in the MacBook Pro. Despite the presence of such a button, the key’s function is the same as backspace on Windows laptops. It removes the character that appears just before the cursor. Even though it does not offer customers with the same user-friendly experience as a Windows laptop, users may utilize the delete feature by hitting the fn + Delete key.

3. The program window cannot be stretched over two screens.

Chrome Dev Tools on a Windows laptop enables you to extend an application window over two screens. In a MacBook Pro, however, this is not feasible. The Chrome Dev tools will have to be opened in a different window on a MacBook Pro. When necessary, the DevTools may be relocated to a different display screen. However, when compared to a Windows laptop, the experience is not as user-friendly as one would anticipate.

4. Each screen’s taskbar is hidden.

On a Windows laptop, you can see the taskbar on each screen. Instead of showing the taskbar on each screen, macOS enables you to select which of the displays you want to see it on. For some, having such a choice show so often may be annoying, while for others, it may be a matter of convenience.

MS Paint (version 5)

We can’t imagine a computer or laptop without Microsoft Paint installed. It’s thus surprising that no official version of MS Paint is available for macOS users. Despite the fact that MS Paint is not as user-friendly as competing painting, picture, video editing, and drawing programs, it remains the preferred paint program for desktop and laptop users. However, macOS includes the Preview program, which is an image viewer and a Mac equivalent of Paint. With the Preview program, users may access a variety of basic toolkits comparable to MS Paint.


Even with these flaws, the MacBook Pro is still regarded as a better product when compared to rival Windows-based laptops. It features a strong operating system, optimal battery performance, excellent build quality, durability, a high-definition screen display, and an LED-backlit retina display, making the MacBook Pro an ideal laptop and desktop computer. In addition, macOS offers users free productivity applications, a cleaner interface than Windows OS, and software that is optimized. MacOS is also less vulnerable to viruses and security problems.

The macbook pro 16 m1 is a laptop that has been released by Apple. It is a powerful computer, with a high-resolution screen and a thin design. If you are thinking about switching from your Windows laptop to the MacBook Pro, you will miss these 5 things.

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As a gamer, I would say the answer is yes.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”Is switching from Windows to Mac hard?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
Switching from Windows to Mac is not hard.”}},{“@type”:”Question”,”name”:”What do I need to know before switching from PC to Mac?”,”acceptedAnswer”:{“@type”:”Answer”,”text”:”
If you are switching from PC to Mac, you should be aware that the keyboard layout is different. You will need to use a USB keyboard or buy one with Mac support.”}}]}

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth switching to Mac from Windows?

As a gamer, I would say the answer is yes.

Is switching from Windows to Mac hard?

Switching from Windows to Mac is not hard.

What do I need to know before switching from PC to Mac?

If you are switching from PC to Mac, you should be aware that the keyboard layout is different. You will need to use a USB keyboard or buy one with Mac support.

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