Hearthstone unveils Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion

Blizzard Entertainment announced today that it will release a new expansion for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, the company’s hit free-to-play digital card game. The upcoming adventure event is called ‘Fractured’, and its cards are now available to players worldwide. With this latest update, Blizzard has released their newest content in four different regions at once: North America and Europe get the Fractured content on July 20th; Asia gets it June 30th; Latin America also receives an early start with April 26th as the date listed.

In a new expansion, Hearthstone introduces Fractured mean to make the game more difficult. While it is hard not to enjoy the difficulty increase of playing against tougher AI opponents and harder quests, one can’t help but wonder if this change will be enough for loyal players or cause them to look elsewhere for their gaming experience.The latest expansion for Hearthstone brings the battle to a new continent, Alterac Valley. Blizzard introduces Fractured cards that are split into two versions of the card, representing the fractured nature of this battlefield

Hearthstone has released a new expansion for their popular game. The “hearthstone fractured in alterac valley” is an event that will take place during the month of April.

I’ve seen it said that Hearthstone these days appears to exude Warcraft more than the disjointed World of Warcraft, and I can understand why. The digital card game hasn’t reached the bottom of the nostalgic well yet, this time conjuring up images of World of Warcraft’s most infamous battlefield for its next expansion.

Hearthstone announced yesterday — on a day when nothing else noteworthy occurred, so don’t double-check that — that Fractured in Alterac Valley would be released on December 7th. This expansion adds 135 new cards, as well as a new set of hero cards, the Honorable Kill keyword, and three-turn spells. To prepare ready for the release, players may check in today and get a free promotional legendary card.

Patch 21.8, which included minor card and merc balancing improvements, a new battlegrounds armor system, and the Tamsin Roame hero, was released yesterday to set the basis for the expansion.

Due to a lengthy run of controversies in the MMO and gaming field over the past several years, including the Blitzchung boycott, huge layoffs, labor issues, and executive pay controversy, Activision-Blizzard is regarded a problematic corporation in the MMO and gaming industry. The company was sued by the state of California in the summer of 2021 for fostering a work environment that was riddled with sexual harassment and discrimination, and the company’s disastrous response has added to Blizzard’s ongoing pipeline issues and the widespread perception that its online games are on the decline. Multiple state and federal authorities are investigating the corporation as of autumn 2021.


The “hearthstone fractured in alterac valley release date” is the first expansion for Hearthstone. The new content will launch on April 2nd, 2018.

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