New World says it’s banned over 1660 exploiters and purged 98% of duped stuff from the economy

New World has been around for 10 weeks now and it’s already growing into one of the most popular servers. It also recently won an award at Evolve 2018, which is a community-curated game awards show hosted by PC Gamer. Over 1660 exploiters have been banned since New World launched on October 1st, while more than 98% of duped items have disappeared from circulation.,

Cheaters, take note: You were incorrect if you believed the sheer amount of escapades marauding through New World in the previous month and change meant you’d be able to get away with it. Because of their exploits using packet manipulation duping flaws, Amazon wrote a dev blog late yesterday night revealing that it had permanently banned over 1660 people, “removing their products from the economy, and canceling their trade post listings.” According to the company, 80 percent of the fooled goods and gold were deleted from the game’s wilting economy as of November 2nd, with another 18 percent removed by yesterday. The remaining 2% were probably unintentional, therefore they will not be prohibited.

“We’ve also looked at how these forged goods have affected end-game advancement,” claims the company. “We haven’t found any evidence of a big increase in max level gear throughout our study.” According to the graph below, the amount of players having even a single item of max level gear is still relatively low. We took a comprehensive look into Voidbent Armor, and although part of it was tricked, most of it was banned from the game, and it is still an extremely uncommon item. We’re still looking into the smaller list of things linked in the housing scam, and if necessary, more permanent restrictions will be imposed.”

Amazon said it’s still working on improving its “reaction time” for attacks.


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