How to Install Discovery Plus on Philips Smart TV? [Simple Steps]

Philips is a company known for its quality TVs and smart home products. Recently, the brand has released their new Philips Smart TV line with one of the most talked about features being Discovery Plus. This feature allows users to search, discover and watch content across multiple platforms including YouTube in an easy-to-use interface while also providing recommendations based on your personal viewing habits or what you’ve watched previously.

If you have a Philips Smart TV, and want to install Discovery Plus on it, follow these simple steps.

Philips Smart TV with Discovery Plus: Good day, guys! Are you looking for accurate information? Then continue reading to learn more about one of the top streaming services for factual material. The majority of us like watching action-packed entertainment on the internet.

What a wonderful thing it would be to establish a platform that teaches via entertainment? Yes, we have the ideal platform to meet your requirements. The Discovery Plus platform is what it’s all about. Discovery Plus is one of the greatest non-fiction streaming services available. Read this post thoroughly to get more fascinating details about Discovery Plus and how to obtain it on your Philips Smart TV. 


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What is Discovery Plus, and how does it work?

Discovery Plus is one of the greatest streaming services for non-fiction and factual programming. Discovery Inc. is the company that owns it. We are frightened to take our children to school for educational reasons because of the epidemic. This is the ideal location for your children to learn while having fun. It has a lot of engaging and exploitable stuff.

Food Network, Asian Food Network, TLC, HGTV, Travel Channel, Investigation Discovery, Animal Planet, and Discovery Channel are all available on Discovery Plus. Lifetime, A&E, Discovery Originals, and History are also available. 

Discovery Plus is a streaming service that requires a membership. There are two sorts of subscription options available. One is an ad-supported stream, while the other is ad-free. It also offers a seven-day trial bundle to new customers. You may watch the material in a variety of languages, and you can add your favorites to a wish list.

How can I get Discovery Plus to work on my Philips Smart TV?

On Philips Smart TV, you can watch Discovery Plus. To install the app on your Smart TV, just follow the steps outlined below.

How-to-Install-Discovery-Plus-on-Philips-Smart-TV-SimpleHow can I get Discovery Plus to work on my Philips Smart TV?

Step 1:

Connect with a solid wifi connection after turning on your Philps TV.

Step 2:


Go to the App Section on your Philps TV and pick Google Play Store.

Step 3:

Select the Search box and use the on-screen keyboard to enter Discovery Plus.

Step 4:

To download the app, choose it from the recommendation list and click Install.

Step 5:

Finally, log in to your Discovery Plus account and begin streaming video to your Philips TV.

How can I get Discovery Plus to work on my Philips Roku TV?

Roku TV is compatible with Discovery Plus. One of the greatest locations to see daring stuff is on this website. To obtain the app, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: 

To begin, switch on your Philps Roku TV and connect to the internet through wifi.

Step 2:

Select the Streaming Channel option from the Home Screen.

Step 3:

Then, using the on-screen keyboard, put Discovery Plus into the search field.

Step 4:

To install the app on your Roku-connected Philips TV, choose Add Channel.

Step 5:

 To view Discovery Plus content on your Philips Roku TV, sign in with the correct credentials.


Is there a Discovery Plus channel on Philps TV?

Yes, you can receive Discovery Plus straight on your Philps TV. 

Is Discovery Plus a free service?

No, you won’t be able to watch Discovery Plus for free. To watch Discovery Plus’s programming, you’ll need to sign up for a subscription. It also offers a seven-day free trial bundle to its subscribers.

What TVs are Discovery Plus compatible with?

Discovery Plus is accessible on Android TV, Android phones, iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TVs, Amazon Fire TVs, Chromecast, Xbox One, and the web. 


That’s all there is to know about Discovery Plus on Philips TV. It may be used on any device. It also provides a wide range of functions to its consumers. Discovery Plus is one of the top venues for watching non-fiction programming. In addition, the subscription cost is reasonable for everyone. To receive the Discovery Plus service on your desired devices, use any of the techniques listed above. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download Discovery Plus on my Philips Smart TV?

A: If your Philips smart TV is running on the Android operating system, you can download Discovery Plus using Google Play. For other platforms, like iOS or Windows 10, please contact us and well be happy to help!。

Can you get Discovery Plus on a Philips TV?

A: Unfortunately, no. Discovery Plus is only available for Samsung and LG Smart TVs as of now.

How do I add Discovery Plus to my Smart TV?

A: This question cannot be answered due to the lack of information provided.

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