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Which user would be best served by reaching out to in-market audiences?

  • Someone who has a strong interest in climbing but isn’t a climber.
  • Someone who is looking at the safety aspects of baby strollers
  • Someone in the market for a new vehicle
  • Someone who is anticipating the premiere of a new film

Correct Answer: Someone in the market for a new vehicle.


The following is a detailed explanation of the answer for someone seeking to buy a new car: This is the demographic that is presently investigating alternatives and contemplating purchasing a product or service similar to yours. In-Market Audiences is a strong method to entice individuals who are actively investigating the goods or services you provide and who we’ve inferred are in the market to purchase them, even those who are considering purchasing from other sources.

For more information about the Google Ads Measurement Certificate, see Skillshop’s Ads Search Certification page.

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You will have 75 minutes to complete all questions and must answer 80 percent of the questions correctly to pass this test. There will be a variety of questions asked, 50 of which will be related to the search exam and 49 of which will be related to the displa exam.

Answers to Google Ads Certification Questions

The Google Ads Search Certification program is administered by Google. It’s for giving certificates to successful candidates who demonstrate their knowledge by taking tests, and after they finish the exam according to their terms and conditions, the official sends them an email with a theme certificate. To get a certificate, candidates must pass test modules accessible on Google Academy. A certificate issued by an official is valid for one year (12 Months). Your certificate will also have an expiration date on it; after that period has passed, people must retake the test and demonstrate that their level of knowledge is still current.

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