Lionel Messi and Xavi’s potential reunion is what Barcelona needs

Barcelona’s two legends Lionel Messi and Xavi are reportedly in talks to reunite next season. Barcelona is currently trying to bring players back from abroad who want more playing time, but that will be difficult if they return for just one year. The club needs both stars on the pitch together.

Barcelona needs to sign Lionel Messi for the next few years. The potential reunion of Lionel Messi and Xavi would be what Barcelona needs to do to succeed in the future. Read more in detail here: lionel messi contract barcelona.


Barcelona is rebuilding, and bringing Lionel Messi and Xavi Hernandez back will be the finest move the club can do.

Barcelona has failed to regain its dominance after Lionel Messi’s departure. However, Memphis Depay and Sergio Aguero were two excellent purchases for the club. Although the aforementioned players are world-class, Barcelona’s relegation to ninth place in La Liga indicates that having Depay and Aguero alone is insufficient.

If the responsibility cannot be placed on the players, as with every other failing team, it must be placed on the coach. In the case of Barcelona, Ronald Koeman had to bear the brunt of the criticism, and the catastrophic defeat to Rayo signalled the end of his time at the Camp Nou.

While it is still too early to draw any conclusions, Barcelona’s move to dismiss Koeman makes sense in general. Looking at the current Barcelona roster, Depay seems to have established himself as the club’s new star, scoring five goals in 14 games across all competitions so far. Even Aguero, who missed a handful of games early in the season due to injury, scored once in five appearances for the Catalans.

Simply said, Barcelona believes the team needs a new coach. Famous managers are now being linked to Barca, as predicted. Pep Guardiola of Manchester City and Mikel Arteta of Arsenal were among them. However, Xavi Hernandez, a Barcelona legend, is the current frontrunner.

Despite the hoopla, nothing is certain at this time, with the exception of Xavi’s position on the matter.

Xavi earlier said through Barca Blaugranes, “My idea is to coach Barcelona.” “I’ve never disguised it; it’s my ambition and aspiration.”

With Xavi already on board, Barcelona president Joan Laporta is under increasing pressure.

To be fair, Laporta has always been outspoken about his desire to transform Barcelona. On top of that, he isn’t afraid to speak openly about the club’s most delicate problems, particularly Xavi’s.

Laporta claims that he and Xavi have been in frequent contact, but he insists that these are “private discussions.” Xavi, on the other hand, is “a possibility,” according to the Barca boss, since he has the ability to lead the present Barcelona group.

At a news conference broadcast live by Sky Sports on Friday, Laporta stated of Xavi, “I have extremely fantastic recommendations from close people who know him better than me in that sense.” “I have a terrific connection with Xavi; I’ve been chatting with him for the last month, and I know what he feels has to happen with this group.” We converse like two friends, and in this instance, I have a very positive view.”

He continued, “He is a possibility because we will see how things continues to evolve.”

Now that it’s becoming clear that Xavi is on the verge of landing a coaching post at Barcelona, the next issue is whether he’ll be able to help the team regain its winning ways.

Obviously, there is no satisfactory response to that topic at this time, and it is difficult to dispute since Xavi has yet to demonstrate his managerial abilities. The storyline might be altered if something unexpected occurs, such as a Xavi-Messi partnership.

Messi, of course, is still at PSG, and there has been no sign that the former Barcelona star is considering leaving the French club. Overall, Messi joining Xavi at Barca seems doubtful, at least for the time being.

Messi, to to everyone’s surprise, has voiced his wish to return to Barcelona, although he is not talking about playing. Instead, he’s suggesting that he should “assist” his beloved Barca by working as a “technical secretary,” or, to put it another way, a technical coach.

“Yes. “I’ve always maintained that I’d want to be able to assist the club in any way I can,” Messi said of Barcelona, according to Spanish site Diario Sport. “At some point, I’d want to work as a technical secretary.”

He said, “I don’t know whether it will be in Barcelona or not.” “Or if things turn out differently.” If it is possible, I would want to participate again in any way I can because it is the club that I adore and I want it to continue to be wonderful, to flourish, and to remain one of the finest in the world.”

It would be exciting if Xavi and Messi indeed rejoin as Barcelona coaches, but it is still difficult to imagine they can lead the squad to championship contention. It may, however, be a good start, since the pair’s height alone could be enough to entice some of the best players of the next generation to join Barcelona.






Barcelona are currently in the midst of a rough patch. They have lost four games in a row, including two to Granada. Barcelona need someone that can come back and help them win their next game against Real Madrid. If Lionel Messi and Xavi were to return for Barcelona, they would be the perfect duo. Reference: barcelona vs granada.

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