The Indianapolis Colts Have a Major Problem Worth Worrying About That Has Absolutely Nothing to Do With Carson Wentz’s Ankles

The Indianapolis Colts have a major problem worth worrying about that has absolutely nothing to do with Carson Wentz’s ankles.

The colts 2020 schedule is a problem that has been present for a while. The Indianapolis Colts have a major problem worth worrying about that has absolutely nothing to do with Carson Wentz’s ankles.

The Indianapolis Colts have had a rough start to the 2021 NFL season.

The Colts were primed for a Super Bowl push after an 11-win season under the direction of now-retired quarterback Philip Rivers. They put everything on the line and acquired former Pro Bowl quarterback Carson Wentz, reuniting him with offensive coordinator Frank Reich (Reich was Wentz’s offensive coordinator in Philadelphia).

On paper, it seemed like the ideal match. When Wentz’s injuries started to pile up, a feeling of dissatisfaction began to emerge in Indianapolis. Wentz’s health is certainly critical to the Colts’ success this season, but there’s a much more pressing problem to be concerned about in Indianapolis.

The offensive line for the Indianapolis Colts is terrible.

Through two games, the offensive line for the Indianapolis Colts has been complete trash.

September 19, 2021 — Zach Hicks (@ZachHicks2)

The offensive line is one of the main reasons why many were hopeful about Wentz returning his former top form with the Colts. In 2020, the Philadelphia Eagles’ offensive line was a total disaster due to injuries and aged veterans, leaving Wentz vulnerable to hits and sacks. Despite only starting 12 games for the Eagles last season, Wentz topped the NFL in sacks taken (50).

Even if you have the world’s quickest and most mobile quarterback, orchestrating an effective offense without a competent offensive line is almost difficult. Wentz spent the most of 2020 fighting for his life, which harmed his ability to play quarterback at a high level.

The offensive line is a top priority for the Colts in Indianapolis. Year after year, they put a lot of money and draft resources into the position. Quenton Nelson, Braden Smith, and Ryan Kelly are all top-tier offensive linemen in their positions. For a starting quarterback, it’s a perfect situation.

The only issue is that the Colts’ offensive line has been a disaster for the first two weeks of the season.

Poor line play has already taken its toll on Wentz.

Indianapolis Colts' offensive line attempting to protect Carson Wentz. Andy Lyons/Getty Images/Carson Wentz

Following back-to-back defeats (he was unable to complete Week 2), Wentz has emerged as the primary culprit in Indianapolis, but the reality is that he’s performed remarkably well despite the terrible line performance in front of him.

Wentz has 498 yards passing, three touchdowns, and just one interception. His completion rate is now north of 65%, and his passer rating is better than it was in 2019. (when he led the Eagles to the NFC East crown). The quarterback is an obvious target for criticism, but after two weeks, Wentz has performed well.

The offensive line, on the other hand, looks like a group of high students who sneaked onto an NFL field on game day. They’ve already surrendered six sacks and more over 20 QB hits, and that’s not even taking into account the shear amount of pressures Wentz is facing.

To correct this problem, the Colts must first become healthy.

Quenton Nelson repeatedly referred to the Colts’ offensive line’s performance in the red zone as “awful.” It’s obvious that he’s enraged. They’re starting in the front, and they’re not winning.

He promised, “We’ll get this solved.”

September 19, 2021 — Zak Keefer (@zkeefer)

The Colts boast one of the league’s top offensive lines on paper. So, why is it such a big deal right now?

To open the season, going up against the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams is difficult. Both teams, particularly LA, have powerful pass rushes. Second, the Colts must quickly regain their offensive line’s health.

Nelson is still recuperating from an offseason injury, right tackle Smith missed Week 2, and new starting left tackle Eric Fisher is still recovering from a season-ending Achilles rupture last season. The Colts’ offensive line should improve if these players get back into playing condition.

In the meanwhile, they’ll have to figure out how to get things back to a usable state. Wentz had both ankles injured against the Rams as a result of a devastating Aaron Donald hit, and the Colts’ offensive line can’t allow it happen again.

There are still 15 games remaining in the season for the Colts to turn the tide on their ailing offensive line. However, it is something that must be addressed as quickly as possible. Wentz only has a limited number of healthy bodily parts remaining.

Pro Football Reference provided all stats.

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